about sionfilm

I am a predominantly analogue photographer based in the North East of England, shooting a mixture of Medium Format and 35mm Film (digital if required). I have been making photographs for over 20 years, it is my passion and this shows in my work. My reportage style brings out a natural feel that makes photographs come to life.



Prices start from £1800 (please note this includes film stock and developing costs). Please contact for more details. You will be provided with stunning Medium format and 35mm images that digital photography just cannot compete with. There is just a look and feel to film that will make your wedding photographs even more special. Destination wedding photography can also be provided, please contact with your requirements.

Family Sessions:

Prices start from £120 an hour (please note this includes film stock and developing costs). I can meet you at a venue of your choice, whether it is your family home, a park or the beach you will be provided with beautiful natural photographs that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. There is nothing better than being able to look back at those special times with your children and family and have beautiful images to show for it.


Please contact for prices as this will vary depending on your requirements. Get in touch if you want to add something different to your portfolio, if you are sick of those over edited digital images and want something natural and beautiful then film is for you. All portraits will be shot on a Pentax 67 Medium Format camera, you will not be disappointed with the incredible image quality. 

Brands and Events:

I have a passion for fashion and product brands. I love to make clothing and products look beautiful and portray the essence of your brand. Whether it is for your social media, look books or website, anything you require can be provided. I also love to shoot events and my reportage style really gives a natural and realistic feel of your event. Please contact for prices as this will vary depending on requirements.


I am a published photographer and have completed photography projects featured in media such as House Hunter North East, The Print Space and The Chronicle. My work has also been shown in North East galleries.